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Targeting in online marketing: tips for small businesses

Targeting in online marketing: tips for small businesses

By on 2017/01/10 in small business | 1 comment

When you think to start generating leads with an online marketing campaign, plenty of questions arise: how to start? whom to target? how to approach the target? Why targeting is an important part of every online marketing campaign Indeed, knowing whom to approach is an essential part. If you do it properly, all other elements of the internet campaign will be much easier to handle. If you fail to pick the proper target – you might get no deals, or get deals with customers who don’t actually need your product (and probably won’t buy it again). If you know your target well: you can easily find them online (because you will know where to search for) you can find the best way to reach them (should it be a direct contact (via phone/email)? or should you attract them with your blog?) if you practice content marketing you will know what to write about, how to structure and prioritize your content you will know how to pitch them, what language to use, what values you should bigger focus on Unfortunately, targeting very often is neglected by small companies. Probably it’s because small companies cannot afford using all the available targeting/research tactics. We’ve been there, and we had the same problem. So I’d like to share with you a scenario that we used to find our target. It doesn’t require much efforts and costs, but it proved to be an effective one. 1. Whom do you see as your clients? Start from creating a customer profile. In the beginning, when you don’t have much data, start from assumptions. Try to answer these questions while brainstorming about your target: What type of companies will benefit the most from your product? To which sectors or industries do they belong? What business model do they follow? Their size? Location? (and remember that with online marketing you can reach your target no matter where it is located, so don’t limit yourself here) What tools or technologies do they use or have used in the past? How to do that? Just pick your 5-10 top clients and see what they have in common. Knowing these general things about your target will help you go deeper and...

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